Friday, July 25, 2014

Charlene's Taco-Veggie Casserole

I came up with this recipe this week and it turned out so good that we're going to have it again very soon. I didn't have any refried beans so I tried Normandy vegetables (squash, zucchini & carrots) instead. I also added some bell pepper and jalapeno peppers. Charlene's Taco-Veggie Casserole Serves 4 Approx. 260 calories per serving. Ingredients: 1/2 lb lean ground beef (or chicken or turkey) 4 TBS PENZY'S Taco Seasoning 1/2 cup shredded cheese (I used Sargento Four State) 3 Low carb tortillas (LaBanderia) or Paleo Tortillas 1 cup (Birdseye) Normandy Vegetables (I used just the yellow squash, zucchini & carrots) Let thaw while cooking the beef. 2 mini sweet peppers 1/4 cup jalapeno peppers 1/4 cup Pace Picante Sauce 2 slices Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese Brown beef in skillet; drain, add taco seasoning and just enough water to coat. Cook until done. Lay one tortilla in round casserole dish, spread a tbs of Picante sauce on it, layer with meat, veggies, peppers and cheese. Another tortilla on top and layer with Picante, meat, veggies, peppers & cheese. 3rd tortilla on top, layer with Picante and more shredded cheese and then the two slices of cheese. Bake in 350 oven for 20 or 25 minutes till cheese is melted and veggies are warm. * next time I hope to have diced tomatoes and avocado to add.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I am participating in the GoodReads 2014 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge. This challenge will run from January 1st, 2014 until December 31st, 2014. These are the books I have chosen to read. A B Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates C Cloche and Daggers by Jenn McKinley D Deadly Daggers by Joyce and Jim Lavene E F G H Harrowing Hats by Joyce and Jim Lavene I J K L M N O P A Potion to Die For By Heather Blake Q R Remnants of Murder by Elizabeth Lynn Casey S T U V W X Y Z

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm now down over 16 pounds and feeling great. Can't wait to reach that first 20 lbs! My Fitness Pal has been such a blessing!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Such a great message!! I am changing my life, by changing to a healthier lifestyle, beginning with eating and losing weight. So far, I have lost nearly 9 pounds. A lot more to go, but one step at a time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In 2006, I started a journal
and over the past 7 years, I tried again and again to get rid of the extra pounds. Life got in the way and I lost a few pounds here and there, but never got under 186. I retired last year and Barbara and I started going to the city of Arlington's Senior Rec Center and working out on the treadmill and other machines. In January of this year, I found My Fitness Pal on the internet. A free app with a free calorie log and lots of "community" support, it was just what I needed to get me motivated. In 23 days of logging my calories, I have lost nearly 7 lbs. I also bought an exercise ball and a new dvd (virtual bicycling through Argyll, Scotland). The support I get from my "friends" on MFP has me exercising even on the days when we don't go to the Center. This year, I'm determined to finish what I started nearly 7 years ago.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stepping Down

I have resigned as a member of the Sketch Crew on Scrapbook Challenges. I have found with all my new resolutions and plans this year, it has become overwhelming. I want to go back to scrapbooking for "me" and not for "the team". Don't get me wrong, I loved being on the team and it's right for some people; just not me right now. I look forward to the challenges and sketches but will do them on my own time and not be pressured to do them at a certain time. Thanks to the Sketch Crew for all the fun. I will see you on the forum and the gallery!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daughter Rachel recently lost her job and is looking for a new one. She would really like to do what she got herself educated for! Here is her new business card, so pass it on!!